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Intern Reflections

My experience as a We Sparkle summer intern was incredible! I thought I learned a lot in the classroom but this experience made me realize that nothing can compare to real life, hands-on experience in an organization. At We Sparkle I have met some great people and developed skills that will be applicable for my life after college. Starting out, I was paired up with We Sparkle through a leadership class I was taking at the University of Minnesota during the summer. My role initially was a sales strategist. I helped We Sparkle founder, Michelle, analyze our projected sales metrics and I created a draft for a potential training strategy for sales representatives that would be hired after the official launch of the software. I also conducted a competitive analysis of similar companies.

To wrap up my internship, I have managed the social media accounts and helped promote events for We Sparkle. Being involved with this kind of work has allowed me to learn some of the most practical and applicable skills. Discovering how to calculate business metrics and learning basic sales strategies were two of the many practical things I learned. I can’t thank Michelle enough for giving me this opportunity because this is the kind of experience that students look for when getting ready to leave college in pursuit of a job. Michelle has demonstrated how to be a relationship-first person and build a business that does good for others; supporting others builds a community that can support you. This simple lesson has helped me in all aspects of my life, making people want to be around me and support me because they know I will do the same for them.

On top of the internship work, the people and the overall culture of the company is great. Michelle believes in celebrating our victories and kept us motivated with events. Some of these events included brunch on a boat down the Mississippi River with beautiful views of the city. We also went out to lunch on several occasions where Michelle and Bao (the Marketing Intern) introduced me to several different kinds of food from all over the world that I had never had before. Everyone in the organization was super welcoming and friendly and they are what made this experience so unique and exciting. I’m happy I could make such great connections and I would highly recommend for other students to intern and consider working for We Sparkle because the opportunity for growth and knowledge in this organization is endless. You will be surrounded by intelligent people that also want to help you grow. Michelle was very generous with her time and was always willing to help me, and even work around my busy schedule throughout the summer. 

This is a video I did for the class that highlights one of the major things I took away from this experience: https://youtu.be/YBvXqU6PNGM

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