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Client Spotlight: CO-MOTION

In the next few weeks, We Sparkle is excited to begin providing our AI Assistant for CO-MOTION, a co-working movement center where people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes can come come together to move, connect, grow, break boundaries, and build bonds!

CO-MOTION is operated by a collective of 12 nonprofit and for-profit arts and athletic organizations and 8 individual trainers that work to work to unite like-minded community partners to provide an open, inviting, and safe space for people to explore art and movement. They occupy a 40,000 square foot facility in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota, and their mission is to strengthen our community by inspiring diverse individuals across generations to build strength and create art under one roof.

The collective serves over 930 individuals per week, with 50 percent being children and youth. Over 450 young people per week are being inspired, becoming healthier, and taking part in positive activity. They are especially focused on working with more underserved community members from children to seniors, giving them access to life-improving opportunities. Outreach, scholarships, and transportation are provided for all services to ensure that low-income individuals and families can affort to be part of the CO-MOTION community.

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